Mission Statement

"The IACC Sunday Islamic School intends to provide a place and environment for students to acquire and practice Islamic education. We attempt to assist our children to follow the Islamic way of life while living in un-Islamic surroundings."

The future of Islam directly depends upon the time and effort we invest today to educate our children and provide them with Islamic and intellectual growth. As such, it is the aim of the Islamic Association of Collin County’s Sunday School to prepare the students to deal Islamically with the challenges of a modern, technologically advanced society. We seek to develop in each student a positive identity as a Muslim who is equipped physically, intellectually, and spiritually to compete in today's world, in accordance with Islamic principles. We hope to establish within each student a strong commitment to family, community, and humanity.

About Us

The IACC Sunday School was established in 1999 to address and fulfill this far-reaching objective. Alhamdullilah, this institution accommodates in excess of 400 children today to address the growing Plano (and neighboring areas) community needs. Allah (swt) blessed Plano residents to build the current Masjid in 2002 at Independence & Spring Creek and later acquired IACC Academy, which made the accommodation of these many students a reality. Students at this institution range from the ages of 5 to 18.With Allah (SWT)’s blessings and untiring efforts of volunteer staff of around 100 members, this school grew from 30 students in 1999 to where we are today. Classes from 1st through 3rd grade are held at IACC Academy and 4th through 10th are offered at the IACC Masjid. Separate boys and girls classes are offered from 6th grade onwards. These staff members include teachers, administration, curriculum, activities organizers and various other areas, which contribute directly to the quality and delivery of education.

Sunday School focuses on Quran, Seerah, Hadith, Islamic ethics and high moral values. The students receive instructions from teachers along with a series of text materials. The teachers follow a lesson-planned curriculum from basic beliefs to stories of prophets to moral values and ethics. The volunteer teaching staff is well equipped with the knowledge and ability to deliver and conduct classes. We provide professional training for our teachers as necessary. The school also arranges social events for the children such as parties, field trips and year-end programs.

Sunday School is committed to constantly improving the quality of education children are receiving here at the IACC and we believe that communication is the key. We hold parent-teacher conferences so each parent has a chance to speak one on one with their son/daughter’s teacher(s) and get first-hand feedback. We also request feedback from teachers and other Sunday School staff about curriculum and instruction.

We are blessed to be in the vibrant Plano community. We are thankful to our community members for their support, which has resulted in such a strong and dedicated volunteer base. These volunteers have displayed their commitment to excel over and over again. May Allah swt help us in achieving our mission and goals. We hope that students come out of the Sunday School with a increased awareness of who they are as Muslims and a strong love of Allah (SWT) and the Prophet (peace be upon him) to guide them through the rest of their lives.